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2019 - 2023

Infinire: a place of inner exploration to the point of probing, unhinging one's self without defenses. A journey towards the profound unknown, without fear of decay. Infinire as an awareness of human transience. As a union between finite and infinite as a human elevation beyond one's limits, vertical in spasmodic and spontaneous research.

i n f i n i r e

a p e i r o n 

2018 - 2019

The paintings are some of the forms of the larger Apeiron project in which, as Anassimandro claimed, the matter is indeterminate and infinite. This principle embraces and governs everything that originates and dissolves according to a cosmic law. Just like the nebuolse, the state of the soul, understood as a space of human feeling, is dissolved and made into a chaos of divine order where those boundaries that in reality never existed are lost.

apeiron gallery

s i l e r e

2017 - 2018

I could say that a segment is a limited set of infinite points and that in this little paradox the form of pure emotion is enclosed. I could say that if we are born triangles, body, soul and mind, the things that happen to us, the emotional jumps, positive and negative upheavals shape us, redefine us making us squares, pentagons, then hexagons and so on. How to tend to a utopian circle. I could say that every segment is a small chasm, since you can always find half of half of the half of it ... And so it corresponds to the emotion that left that sign on us. It reminds us of its vertigo. I could say, as was done by children, that a point is an asterisk with the gel that prepares for the encounter gallant with feeling. But I will not say all this. I write it. Silere is a project that speaks of silence. That scream of silence. What silence creates and amplifies. Silence understood as a more intimate expression of the bond, of the snare that binds us to ourselves.

silere gallery

other works

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